More than a poster session

Our 2018 Annual Meeting will occur in an unusual space, in many ways providing a physical representation of the dynamic, changing, always becoming urban landscape of the greater Los Angeles basin – and of our own field of DMDU studies. This gives us the opportunity as never before to weave posters into the life of the conference as an integral part. We do not plan to take down posters over the course of the full two days. Moreover, our currently thinking is to quite literally use the posters in the physical separation between the different breakout and plenary spaces. They will be permanently “in your face” as an attendee.

We have invited specific posters from among the abstracts selected for the meeting. Further, several “colloquium-type” sessions are being planned by their chairs that may use posters integrally during their presentation. But we wish to go beyond this. Even for those participants who may be taking part in more formal sessions, we invite submission of posters. This is not a requirement but rather an offer. This would allow, for example, those making presentations in breakout sessions to also represent their work to those who may have participated in concurrent sessions other than the one in which the live presentation was made. Our current plan is to also have the meal services for breakfast and lunch occur in the vicinity of the posters.

Options for formatting and transport

Because of this open invitation, we need to standardize the physical format of the posters. They will be accepted for display if they are mounted on foam core and have dimensions reasonably close to 3 feet by 4 feet (approximately 91 cm x 121 cm). Both horizontal and vertical formats are welcome.

But posters are a pain, especially when traveling. We therefore have made the following arrangements with the RAND Publications production staff. You may send final-version files (.pdf, .tiff, .jpg) to Andrea Golay ( by Wednesday, 7 November. They will then be printed, mounted and transported to the annual meeting venue. The cost will be $80 per poster. Alternatively, you may ship printed posters to RAND, also no later than 7 November, to be mounted on foam core backing and transported to the venue. The cost will be $25 per poster (if you use this option, the posters must be 3×4 feet or the equivalent). Of course, you are fully free to make alternative arrangements. Please be conscious, however, of the need to be mounted on foam core (required for the display scheme we are planning) and the dimensions we are requesting.

If you would like to print through RAND’s production staff, visit here to pay the printing fee: