DMDU Society 2020 Elections

This November the DMDU Society will elect a new leadership team. We encourage you to participate by voting and by running for office.

Warren Walker has agreed to chair our elections committee.  To nominate yourself or another person for a position on the leadership team, please fill out the nominations form and send it to Warren by Thursday, November 5 at  We will announce candidates on Monday, Nov 9.  The elections will be held online from Monday, Nov 16 through Sunday, Nov 19, as presented in the table below.

Deadline for candidate statementsNov 5
Announce candidatesNov 9
Hold electionsNov 16 to 29
Share election resultsDec 2
Leadership handoverJan 2, 2021

The leadership team is elected for a two-year term beginning in January 2021. This will be an exciting election, because four members of your leadership team have served their two allowed terms so cannot run for those positions again. In particular, I will be stepping down from the leadership team after having had the honor of serving as the president of our DMDU Society. My colleagues who cannot run again for their incumbent positions are eligible to run for other positions and four members of the leadership team can run for another term.

Eight positions will be on our November ballot:

  • President (currently Rob Lempert, stepping down)
  • Vice-President (currently Jan Kwakkel, cannot run again for this position)
  • Communications & Outreach Chair (currently Pedro Lima)
  • Education & Training Chair (currently Steven Popper, cannot run again for this position)
  • Career Development Chair (currently Julie Rozenberg)
  • Membership Chair (currently Sadie McEvoy)
  • Society Funding Chair (currently vacant)
  • Rules & Processes Chair (currently Rebecca Smith, cannot run again for this position)

Each of these positions is described below and on the nominations form.

In addition to a new leadership team, we will also be asking the membership to vote on a proposed change to the Society’s Rules and Processes. The proposed amendment would make the Society Administrator a position appointed by the new Society president, rather than an elected position (currently held by Andrea Abler). This change would ensure a continued strong working relationship between the President and Administrator.

We would also like to draw your attention to the position of Society Funding Chair, which is currently vacant. We are particularly interested in filling this position and encourage you to contact me if you have any interest.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve as Society President. Please consider participating in the next generation of leadership of our Society.



Rob Lempert & your leadership team

Summary of positions up for election, and related responsibilities

TitleDescription of ResponsibilityNotes
PresidentLeads, oversees, and coordinates across the Society’s numerous functions, monitors and evaluates the Society’s progress towards its goals, represents the Society to external audiences, and is a key point of contact and engagement.President and Vice President may not be from the same institution.
Vice PresidentServes in place of the President when necessary, supports the President in executing responsibilities, and may take lead responsibility in certain areas, as needed and agreed upon with the President.President and Vice President may not be from the same institution.
Chair, MembershipMaintains membership roster. Identifies gaps in membership and opportunities for growing the Society strategically.
Chair, Communications and OutreachMaintains periodic communication with members and external audiences. With Membership Chair, identifies and develops new modes of engaging with members and external audiences.
Chair, Career DevelopmentIdentifies and shares proposal, grant, employment, and professional development opportunities.
Chair, Education and TrainingIdentifies and develops education and training opportunities for the Society’s members, particularly for a new generation of decision makers and analysts.
Chair, Rules and ProcessesEstablishes and documents rules and processes necessary for smooth, transparent, and consistent functioning year-to-year, and is in charge of the process of amending and changing the rules and processes.
Chair, Society FundingHelps manage the Society’s finances and fund-raising for the Society

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