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Call for Committee Members
2018 Leadership Elections


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Call for Committee Members

Call for Digital Training Chair and Co-Chair

The Society’s annual meeting, which includes a training day, is a valuable event for learning about applications of deep uncertainty planning and disseminating tips and tools for such studies. However, learning need not be limited to three days a year at one location. The leadership team recognizes that many regions of the world are under- or unrepresented at our meetings and would like to offer digital training and educational content for entities anywhere who would like a more in-depth and remotely accessible introduction to our methods. We are seeking two individuals – a Digital Training Chair and Co-chair – to lead a small team in creating a series of videos that present introductory material, methods, and example applications. Similarly to the planning and execution of the Society’s annual meeting, this is intended to be a finite project and not a rolling commitment. The leadership team hopes to engage society members who have experience in creating digital content in this effort and will facilitate necessary connections with other members who have specific relevant expertise on various topics. If you are interested in contributing to this effort which will commence in January 2019, please email Marjolijn Haasnoot at marjolijn.haasnoot[at]


Call for “DMDU Checklist” Ad Hoc Committee

One of the Society’s goals is to be a source of guidance that can be widely accessed and understood by any entities that want to include deep uncertainty concepts in their activities. To that end, the leadership team has determined that one valuable product would be a DMDU methods “checklist” for practitioners to reference while scoping or undertaking a study. The checklist may include, for example, prompts for gathering appropriate data, considering a sufficiently diverse set of futures, identifying high-quality scenarios, and employing suitable decision criteria.

To create the checklist we are soliciting volunteers for an ad hoc committee. It is our hope that the committee will include both experienced researchers and practitioners as well as those with less experience whose needs and questions could help to steer the list. The expected time/effort commitment is approximately six months over which one could expect two to three conference calls with other committee members, two to three rounds of document edits via email, and a report to the leadership team either via conference call or email. The target start date for this effort is January 2019. If you would like to participate, please email Rob Lempert at lempert[at]


2018 Leadership Elections

This November/December we will hold our Society’s second official election for members of our leadership team. Elected team members serve in their role for two years, beginning in January after the election.

Our call for candidates is now open. A candidate form and a summary of the positions on the Society’s Leadership team can be found here: Candidacy for the DMDU Society–2019-2020, or by requesting a form from Each candidate must submit a brief profile plus a statement of interest for each position in which they are interested (a maximum of two positions).

If you are interested in a position, please return a completed form to Election Committee Chair Jim Dewar at by October 29, 2018.

The Society seeks candidates in the following roles:

  • President. Leads, oversees, and coordinates across the Society’s numerous functions, monitors and evaluates the Society’s progress towards its goals, represents the Society to external audiences, and is a key point of contact and engagement.
  • Vice President. Serves in place of the President when necessary, supports the President in executing responsibilities, and may take lead responsibility in certain areas, as needed and agreed upon with the President.
  • Career Development Chair. Identifies and shares proposal, grant, employment, and professional development opportunities.
  • Communications & Outreach Chair. Maintains periodic communication with members and external audiences. With Membership Chair, identifies and develops new modes of engaging with members and external audiences.
  • Education & Training Chair. Identifies and develops education and training opportunities for the Society’s members, particularly for a new generation of decision makers and analysts.
  • Fundraising Chair. Identifies costs required to sustain Society activities and identifies and pursues opportunities to raise necessary funds.
  • Membership Chair. Maintains membership roster. Identifies gaps in membership and opportunities for growing the Society strategically.
  • Rules & Processes Chair. Establishes and documents rules and processes necessary for smooth, transparent, and consistent functioning year-to-year, and is in charge of the process of amending and changing the rules and processes.
  • Administrator. Schedules meetings, maintains records of meetings, sets agendas, and shares meeting outcomes with Society members.

This year’s ballot will also include proposed Rules Changes to be ratified by DMDU membership.

Key 2018 Election Cycle Dates

  • Sept: Call for leadership candidates
  • Late Oct: Deadline for candidate statements
  • Early Nov: Announce slate of candidates
  • Nov/Dec: Hold online elections
  • Dec: Share election results
  • Dec/Jan: Leadership handover