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6 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Emma White Reply

    Hi, I am interested in hearing more about this society. I am researching groundwater management, so decision making under deep uncertainty is perfect!

  2. Divya Kapoor Reply

    I was invited by Seerja Nairsn to join the google group, however the invite seems to have expired. I participated at the Wb conference earlier this year and await confirmation of membership

  3. Astrid Colquhoun Reply

    Hi, my name is Astrid Colquhoun. I am the Scenario Modeller for a team in Thames Water known as London 2100. We are tasked with long term strategic planning for waste water services for London with a 25 year and 80 year design horizon. This remit fits very well with the work that DMDU is doing and we are likely to send a number of delegates to your event in November 2017. We want to hold a ‘workshop’ for selected experts to generate a list of ‘generic solution options’ which will form the basis of our long term plan. We are looking for suitable facilitators who can bring a fresh approach of thinking to draw out ideas. Is this kind of service something DMDU would be able to provide?
    Kind regards, Astrid Colquhoun

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