The Challenge

Today’s decision makers face conditions of fast-paced, transformative, and often surprising change. Traditional decision analysis relies on point and probabilistic predictions. But under conditions of deep uncertainty, predictions are often wrong, and relying on them can prove costly and dangerous. Fortunately, new methods and processes now exist to help decision makers identify and evaluate robust and adaptive strategies, thereby making sound decisions in the face of these challenges.

Our Mission

The Society for Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty is a multi-disciplinary association of professionals working to improve processes, methods, and tools for decision making under deep uncertainty, facilitate their use in practice, and foster effective and responsible decision making in our rapidly changing world. While we share interests with other societies, ours is unique in its focus on developing, disseminating, and using these new approaches. Read more about us.

We invite policy makers, analysts, researchers, academics, and students to join us.

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