DMDU Society 2018 Elections Results

The elections for the leadership of The Society for Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty for the term 2019-2020 have been held and the votes have been counted.  There were 105 ballots cast and the following leaders have been elected:

President Rob Lempert
Vice-President Jan Kwakkel
Communications and Outreach Pedro Nascimento de Lima
Education and Training Steven Popper
Career Development Julie Rozenberg
Membership Sadie McEvoy
Rules and Processes Rebecca Smith
Administrator Andrea Golay

The Election Committee would like to congratulate all of those who were elected and thank all who ran for office during this election year.  A strong society requires serious involvement from its membership.

In addition to the elections for the leadership of the society, the members were asked to vote up or down on several changes to the rules of the society.  All recommended changes were approved by a majority of the voters.

On behalf of Warren Walker, I would like to thank all those who assisted the committee in its important work.  In particular, I would like to thank Pedro Nascimento de Lima and Andrea Golay for their significant contributions.


The Election Committee

Jim Dewar, Chair

Warren Walker

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