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Call for Committee Members

Call for Volunteers for the Communications & Outreach Team

The communications and outreach team is tasked with providing communications services for the DMDU Community. We have open opportunities for volunteers willing to help either with continuous tasks (like maintaining our social media accounts) or with occasional, one-time projects (like improving the website or building a metrics dashboard). You will find below a list of areas in which you might help as well as a description of how you might contribute and the skills that would be useful in those areas.

DMDU Society Communications Team Task Areas

1) Website Management and Improvement:

How you might help: You would use WordPress to maintain and improve the Society’s website. As the Society grows and expands its services, you will help us to tailor the website to our needs by finding, testing, installing, and maintaining plugins.

Useful skills: Experience with or willingness to learn how to run a WordPress website. Knowing how to run MySQL queries will help you to get through potential website problems and maintenance tasks.

2) Social Media:

How you might help: You would help to maintain our social media accounts. You would also work to improve our reach through scheduled post/tweets and ad-hoc announcements.

Useful skills: Willingness to use twitter regularly and foster engaging conversations at Social Media platforms.

3) General Communications:

How you might help: You would send out timely announcements to the Society membership through the website mailing system. You would also help to keep the website updated with recent publications. You would also help us put together our periodic “pdf-version” Newsletter.

Useful skills: It would be helpful to have prior knowledge in dmdu-related research fields and interest to read and write about ongoing DMDU activities.

4) DMDU Metrics Dashboard:

How you might help: You would help to maintain and improve the Society’s Leadership metrics Tableau dashboard. We have a working panel consolidating indicators from a set of sources (from Google Analytics to Google Scholar through R scripts, to stand-alone spreadsheets). Still, we want to improve the dashboard with improved metrics, and that will require gathering more data either manually or through future surveys.

Useful skills: Tableau, R, SQL.

If you would like to help the DMDU Society to achieve its goals by assisting with these tasks, please contact Pedro ( briefly describing how you think you might contribute.