DMDU-related AGU Fall Meeting Sessions (Abstract Deadline: July 31st)

The AGU Fall Meeting is accepting abstracts for several dmdu-related sessions.  You can find a list of dmdu-related sessions by browsing the index terms listed under each session (e.g.: here’s a list of decision making under uncertainty, and decision analysis sessions). You can also find below a short list of AGU sessions likely appealing to the DMDU community.

H146 – Water and Society: Water Resources Management and Policy in a Changing World

H144 Water and Society: Communication, Decision Support and Stakeholder Engagement to improve Policy and Management in an Uncertain World.

H142 Water and Society: Adaptive Short-Term Management of Coupled Human-Natural Systems Confronting Long-Term Global Change

B130 Water and Society: Adapting institutions to address future water resource challenges

H036 – Co-management of Floods and Droughts under Climate Change

H051 – Enhancing the Use of Flood Water for Managed Aquifer Recharge to Support Sustainable Water Resources

Please contact us at website [at] deepuncertanty dot org to suggest additions to this short list!

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