In lieu of an in-person meeting this year, we are organizing a series of webinars over the month of November. The topics were selected to cover a range of interests across our community and are organized at different times to accommodate as many timezones as possible. 

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This page will be regularly updated as session information is finalized. More sessions will be added shortly.

Equity in Water Resources Planning

November 1st 12:00 PT/15:00 ET/20:00 CET/ November 2nd 08:00 NZDT


Dr. Sarah Fletcher, Assistant Professor, Stanford University (Fletcher Lab) – Keynote speaker

Bramka Arga Jafino, PhD Researcher, TU Delft, and Consultant, Deltares (Profile)

David Gold, PhD Researcher, Cornell University (Profile)


Career Development Session

November 9th 11:00 PT/14:00 ET/20:00 CET/November 10th 08:00 NZDT

Dr. Sibel Eker. Sibel is currently an assistant professor at Radboud University, Netherlands and a research scholar at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria. With her expertise in model-based systems analysis, she has held various scientific positions at academic and non-academic organizations in multiple countries.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Kwakkel. Jan is the President of the DMDU Society and the first DMDU full Professor at TU Delft, where he spent all his career. His research focuses on the developing and testing innovative model-based techniques for the design of dynamic adaptive policy pathways. Within this, he is particularly interested in how to bring moral considerations into the quantitative analysis. Jan has applied his research in a range of domains including climate adaptation, flood risk management, transport and logistics, resource economics, and national safety and security.

Dr Judy Lawrence. Judy has a portfolio of climate change adaptation work including a number of national adaptation research projects developing deep uncertainty tools and supporting institutional practice, advising public agencies on dynamic adaptive pathways planning and adaptation practice, is a New Zealand Climate Change Commissioner providing independent advice and monitoring of emissions reductions and climate change adaptation and is a Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Working Group 2. Her professional pathway has been characterised by taking opportunities outside her comfort zone, following her curiosity and growing with support from mentors and colleagues in New Zealand and internationally.

Dr Brian Walsh. Brian earned his PhD in experimental particle physics at CERN. He did his postdoc on disruptive technologies in land use at IIASA, and currently works in the World Bank’s Climate Change Group, where he studies social and fiscal policy under uncertainty.

Moderator: Julie Rozenberg, Senior Economist, World Bank (Profile)


How can DMDU help to make better use of scientists?

November 17th 10:00 PT/13:00 ET/19:00 CET/ November 18th 07:00 NZDT

Dr. Gideon Gal, Head, Kinneret Limnological Laboratory (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research – Dr. Gideon Gal)

Dr. Christopher T. Hill, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Technology and former Vice Provost for Research at George Mason University (Technology Policy International LLC – Christopher Hill (

Dr. Arthur Petersen, Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy at University College London and Editor of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science (Iris View Profile ( )

Moderator: Steven W. Popper, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation (Steven W. Popper – Profile | RAND)


DMDU PubQuiz

November 17th 13:00 PT/16:00 ET/22:00 CET/ November 18th 10:00 NZDT

Quiz Masters: Nidhi Kalra and Steven W. Popper


Informing COVID-19 policy under uncertainty 

November 29th 09:00 PT/12:00 ET/18:00 CET/ November 30th 06:00 NZDT

Dr. Matthew Biggerstaff, Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Profile)

Dr. Michael C. Runge, Decision analyst and research ecologist, US Geological Survey Eastern Ecological Science Center (Profile)

Dr. Katriona Shea, Professor of Biology, The Pennsylvania State University (Profile)

Dr. Rebecca Borchering, Postdoctoral Researcher, The Pennsylvania State University (Profile)

Pedro Nascimento de Lima, PhD Candidate, RAND Corporation; Visiting Student, Argonne National Laboratory (Profile)

Dr. Robert Lempert, Principal Researcher, RAND Corporation (Profile)