Rules and Processes of the Society

The Leadership Team has drafted and discussed the Rules and Processes document for the Society. The document forms the basis of the operations of the Society and describes, amongst others, membership procedures, the responsibilities and duties of the Leadership Team and the election process.
The procedure for adoption of the Society’s Rules and Processes is as follows:
  • The document is available for download Rules_DMDU
  • Comments can be sent to dmdu.rules[at]
  • The Leadership Team will discuss the comments from the members in the September meeting of the team and the draft document will be updated to a final draft. An overview of all comments will be posted on the Society’s website.
  • The Leadership Team will have a final discussion on the final draft document and adopt the document as Provisional Rules & Processes that will be used for the elections.
With this procedure the Leadership Team hopes to have found a balance between efficiency, practicality and participation of the members in developing the Rules and Processes for the Society.

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