2020 DMDU Webinar Series

In this nine-episode webinar series, the Tecnologico de Monterrey hosts researchers sharing their expertise in DMDU methods, tools, and applications ranging from city planning and decarbonization to poverty reduction and autonomous vehicles. The final webinar of the series explores deep uncertainty in the context of COVID19. Recordings of these sessions are available at the links below.

For any questions, please contact Edmundo Molina at
edmundo.molina [at] tec.mx.

June 8: COVID19 and Deep Uncertainty, with Dr. David Groves (RAND Corporation). password: 3y$*476V

June 2: Assumption Based Planning, with Dr. Steven Popper (RAND Corporation). password: 5v@^OO9F

May 26: The Dynamics of Multi-Scalar Adaptation in the Megalopolis:​ Autonomous action, institutional change and social-hydrological risk in Mexico City, with Dr. Luis Borjorquez (National Autonomous University of Mexico). password: 3c=E*%=7

May 19: Robust Decarbonization, with Dr. Adrien Vogt-Schilb (TBC). password: 9s!1^Q4j

May 12: Multi-objective Optimization and Robust Infrastructure Pathways, with Patrick Reed (Cornell University). password: 5i!4^$p.

May 4: Robust Decision Making, with Rob Lempert (RAND Corporation). password: 3K#90jT1

April 28: Poverty Reduction under Deep Uncertainty, with Julie Rozenberg (World Bank). password: 7F!=f.v6

April 21: DMDU and Autonomous Vehicles, with Nidhi Kalra. password: 9O&ZI+e!

April 14: Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways, with Jan Kwakkel. password: A2.emA??

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  1. Liese Coulter Reply

    Sorry I missed this. How can we access a recording of the webinar and others in your series?

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