PhD or PostDoc position in uncertainty modeling for long-range energy scenarios

Job description

Renewable Energy Systems group, led by Prof. Evelina Trutnevyte, at the University of Geneva is looking to fill a PhD or PostDoc position in uncertainty modeling for long-range energy scenarios. Located at the Faculty of Science and at the interfaculty Institute for Environmental Sciences, Renewable Energy Systems group has three strategic research themes. First, it uses mathematical modeling and technology assessment tools in order to inform transition to renewable energy systems at all spatial scales, from neighborhoods and cities to countries and continents. Second, the group works with multi-disciplinary methods for improving quantitative long-range energy foresight for decision making under deep uncertainty. Third, the group searches for system-level socio-technical energy solutions that are techno-economically feasible, environmentally desirable, as well as acceptable and realistically implementable in society. The scientific work in the group regularly involves interactions with practitioners outside academia, including policy makers, stakeholders, and the wider public.

The successful PhD or PostDoc candidate will work on uncertainty quantification in energy system models in the project “Accuracy of long-range national energy projections.” The project challenges the common assumption that accuracy cannot be improved when modeling long-range national energy scenarios for policy support. Using extensive retrospective and prospective modeling of energy systems in all European countries, the project collects first-of-the-kind generalizable empirical evidence to define new accuracy benchmarks in energy system models and provides novel concepts and modeling tools to achieve these benchmarks. 

Application process and requirements

In order to qualify for the positions, the candidates are required to have:·      Completed or nearly completed Master’s or PhD degree;·      Proven knowledge of advanced uncertainty analysis, such as global sensitivity analysis, scenario discovery, machine learning methods, statistical forecasting, and others;·      Knowledge of modeling energy systems at a national or global scale;·      Peer-reviewed journal publications as first author (for PostDoc applicants);·      Excellent English skills in understanding, speaking, and writing; ·      French or German skills are an advantage.

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