Researcher/Modeler – climate-economy-environment [IIASA]

The ECE Program at IIASA is one of the world’s leading global Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) teams, and works to deepen understanding of rapid, just, and feasible systems transformations toward environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Continuing a long tradition going back to the foundation of IIASA, ECE’s modeling tools stand at the heart of the institute’s  integrated assessment capabilities, used to explore linked solutions for energy, food, land, and water. Interdisciplinary teams within ECE use these and complementary methods to study trade-offs and synergies between multiple policy priorities and objectives, typically across multiple sectors. ECE’s scientific outputs inform international and national policy efforts related to climate change (e.g., implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement) and sustainable development (e.g., pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals).

ECE seeks a strong candidate who can support advancing the representation of social systems and behavioral factors in climate-economy-environment modeling. Demand reduction through behavioral changes is considered an important mitigation option, and the crucial role of social systems in rapid decarbonization is increasingly acknowledged. Extending global models to explicitly capture bottom-up behavioral change and human-earth system feedbacks will enable assessing the feasibility of widespread behavioral changes and social tipping mechanisms.

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