COVID-19 and the DMDU Society

We hope that you and that your families are secure and safely sheltering from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our hearts go out to those suffering during this difficult time.

We wanted to give you an update and some initial thoughts on how the DMDU Society might help in these trying times.

Last week, we announced the dates and locations for our next annual meeting – Nov 10, 11, and 12 on the campus of Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico.  It is our hope that life will have returned sufficiently to normal by then so the meeting can unfold as planned. However, we are also developing contingency plans. In the next week or two we will share with you our adaptive pathways approach to annual meeting planning under conditions of deep uncertainty to help you know what to expect and to help you make your own plans.

We also note that most of us are now living with especially salient deep uncertainty in our personal and national lives. The concepts, methods, and tools championed by our Society may prove helpful.  We have begun to post relevant materials on our Society website and share insights regarding DMDU and COVID-19 on social media.  We are working with our institutions to address the policy challenges.  We encourage you to do the same and share with us what you are doing.

Stay safe.

Your DMDU Society Leadership Team

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